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    A conviction for a Felony can result in loss of your 'civil rights'; could involve jail or prison; and a Felony charge can impair your right to own or possess a firearm (including granddad's old tarnished shotgun!) and ammo.

  • A Felony can prohibit employment in many occupations.
  • A Felony can be grounds for denial of many occupation licenses.
  • A Felony will cause your honesty and truthfulness to be forever questioned.
  • A Felony is handled in District Court, where a judge can impose jail time or months incarceration in a drug treatment center even for a first offense or as a probation condition.
  • A Motion to Revoke Felony Probation even on 'technical grounds' can land you in prison or one-year incarceration in an alcohol and drug treatment facility.
  • A misdemeanor is no longer a minor offense.
  • A misdemeanor is a case where you could get up to one year in jail.
  • A misdemeanor may make it impossible for you to rent an apartment.
  • A misdemeanor involving 'moral turpitude' could make employment in many occupations impossible and could cause your honesty to be forever questioned.
  • A misdemeanor for family violence could cost you your right to own or possess a firearm or ammo, even for hunting purposes.
  • Any misdemeanor (or Felony) conviction for drugs or even one marijuana 'joint' could cause your driver license privileges to e suspended.
  • A misdemeanor is handled in County Court where the judge has broad discretion in sentencing.
  • A Motion to Revoke Misdemeanor probation even on 'technical grounds' can land you in jail.


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