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ALR (Administrative Drivers License Revocation)

* WARNING: Do Not Delay:
You have only 15 days from the date of DWI arrest to ask for a Driver License Suspension Hearing!
  Were you arrested in Texas for a DWI? Was your driver license confiscated? We can assist you, but you must act quickly! Our firm wins about 20 per cent of ALR hearings, and even if we don't win, these hearings are a gold mine of information that can help in your DWI case!

How ALR works:
  1. A law enforcement officer determines there is reasonable suspicion to stop a driver.

  2. Next, the officer determines whether in his judgment there is probable cause to arrest the driver for driving while intoxicated (DWI).

  3. Field Sobriety Tests are generally administered.

  4. The driver is then asked to take a breath (or blood test, at the officers discretion). Regardless whether the driver fails a breath or blood test, or regardless as to whether the driver refuses to take a breath or blood test, the driver is then served with a notice of suspension, orally and in writing.

  5. The officer confiscates the driver's Texas Driver License and issues a paper temporary driving permit.

  6. The driver then has 15 days to request a hearing.

  7. If no hearing is requested, the driving license is suspended (automatically and without further notice) 40 days after the notice of suspension was served.

  8. The driver must pay a $125 dollar reinstatement fee to have the driver license reinstated after the period of suspension.


Failing the Breath or Blood Test:
  • 90 day suspension for first time offenders.

  • 1 year suspension if previously suspended for failing or refusing or if previously suspended for DWI, Intoxicated Assault, or Intoxicated Manslaughter

Refusing the Breath test or Blood test:
  • 180 day suspension for first time offenders.

  • Two year suspension of previously suspended for failing or refusing or if previously suspended for DWI, Intoxicated Assault, or Intoxicated Manslaughter.

  • If a second conviction takes place within five years, there is an automatic one-year driver license suspension and the driver is not eligible for an essential need (or occupational) license.

  • After the suspension period, the driver must have a breath interlock device installed on their motor vehicle for one year following the suspension period.

  • We are very sorry, but our law does not allow an 'Occupational' or 'Essential Need' Driver License to permit operation of CDL vehicles or privileges.

  • Absolutely. The key is getting to our offices in time. Remember, you only have 15 days from the date you were arrested to ask for a hearing on your driver license suspension. We can obtain discovery from the Department of Public Safety, we can subpoena the officer to your ALR hearing, and we can spot the issues that just might work for you. Remember, even if your loose, you will secure an advantage at this hearing on your DWI case. While we can't hit a 'home run' on every case, these hearings at a minimum will usually produce an important negotiating chip to assist in your DWI case.

  • Are you temporarily out of money but want help in Asking for Your ALR Driver License Suspension, don't delay, you only have 15 days from the date of your DWI arrest to ask for an ALR hearing! If you have no money to hire a lawyer and need assistance, protect your drivers license and download the ALR Hearing Request Form.


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